Types of Cannabis

Cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot; honestly which one is it? The debate has been going on for some time now since the legalization of the drug and it still persists. We, at Cannaify, take this matter very seriously and we are here to provide a small and highly informative guide on what is the official word, what is the difference between these words, and what should it officially be referred to as. The answer is:

“They all mean the same thing, but you should opt for cannabis, the official word”

And just like that, the debate is over. Now we will turn our attention to different types of cannabis; do note that we don’t mean like weed or marijuana. We mean really different types. The main plant is definitely cannabis, but the types vary, mainly constituting of three main types. This includes:

  • Cannabis Sativa.
  • Cannabis Indica.
  • Cannabis Ruderalis.

The plant naturally possesses dioecious nature. This means it has distinct sexual plants, both male and females. In terms of the difference in the types, scientifically, no evidence exists to support that there are any differences in the strains of the Indica and Sativa. But breeders and users are adamant of the difference and are rather picky when it comes to the type.

EThe more intoxicating type of ‘hemp’ called cannabis Indica was discovered by Jean Baptiste Lamarck in 1700. He was a French biologist who studied these plants and discovered that unlike its European relative (cannabis Sativa), the Indian variant was quite intoxicating. He named it Indica to establish its uniqueness from its European relative. Around the 1800s, it was commonly used in western medicine and witnessed as a therapeutic remedy.

Let’s discuss each type in detail and see what are the indigenous properties of each:

1.     Cannabis Sativa:

The most popular and most smoked/used type, the plant can reach the height of up to 15 feet and is preferred by many breeders as it can grow quite large. This makes them ideal to be grown outside with leaves that are long, narrow, and dainty. It takes quite a long time to grow even in the presence of shifting light cycles and its seeds are soft without any markings or spots on them. It can be found in places like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, India, and Thailand.

Consumed in a number of ways, cannabis Sativa is not the type to get you completely stoned, rather it will get you high but in a kind of way that will make you feel happier, invigorating, but not sedated like cannabis Indica. It can be smoked, cooked, baked, and used in numerous ways and affect each person differently. It may raise your energy and make you active for the day, make you more creative, give you new and better ideas thanks to the increased ration of THC to CBN. It can be primarily used for:

  • To eliminate mental blocks.
  • To get rid of fatigue and re-energize.
  • It is beneficial for people with mood swings.
  • It is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety and ADHD.

2.     Cannabis Indica:

The type preferred by stoners and those who have a taste for the strong type grows up to around 6 feet in height which makes it ideal for indoor growing. The strains are better and solid in comparison to Sativa, but the plants are bushier in comparison. It has healthy leaves that are much denser and healthy. When we come to seeds, they are quite soft with a marbled texture. It grows much more quickly in comparison to cannabis Sativa which can be further improved by adjusting the light cycle. It can be commonly found in countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Morocco, and Lebanon. The seeds, buds, and flowers grow quite close to each other and have a high resin content which makes it ideal for making hashish.

This is the cannabis type you want to smoke if you want to get truly relaxed and high. Cannabis Indica is the favorite of stoners and acts as a sedative thanks to the excessive CBN content. It is recommended and highly beneficial for:

  • Treating migraines and even regular headaches.
  • It can treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • Those suffering from alleviated pain can greatly benefit from cannabis Indica.
  • It can treat insomnia.
  • It can help relax strained muscles.
  • It is recommended to treat anxiety and panic attacks along with muscle spasms.

3.     Cannabis Ruderalis:

The third and often ignored kind of cannabis family, found in the northern regions of the world, can only grow up to 25 to 30 inches but the foliage is quite thick. It has a fast-growing cycle and lacks any kind of psychotropic. But it is used to create hybrid cannabis plants and serves as a source of additional genetic material. It is used with many other types of cannabis to help them grow quicker by means of creating hybrids.

Among the broad range of hybrids, three main types that are centrally focused by breeders to help them keep up with the increasing demand include:

  • Male cannabis plants.
  • Females cannabis plants.
  • Hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

Hybrid cannabis plants are grown to possess the properties of both, indica and sativa cannabis plants and have higher yields comparatively. Most of the seeds commonly available in the market these days to breed are hybrids. And even in cannabis seeds, there are a few common varieties available in the market, this includes:

  • Regular cannabis seeds.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds.
  • Autoflower seeds.

In retrospect, cannabis has a whole lot of science backing it up. Starting from its classification to its growth to its division based on the types of its seeds; cannabis is becoming increasingly popular because of its common availability and high consumption due to a huge range of benefits it provides that are now even backed by science. But for most people, it is to have a good time with friends to take the edge off. In any sense, Canadian cannabis is here to stay and Cannaify is providing the best kind to its customers with amazing prices; so get your today.

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