Benefits of Using Cannabis

We have all heard a lot, and when we say we do mean ‘a lot’ of rumors surrounding the use of cannabis. The poor plant has perhaps sparked more debate and controversies than communism. Bad example, but you get what we are trying to say. The point is, cannabis or weed has been a hot topic of controversy for a long, long time and it is only right that at the present when we have finally started to understand it, some justification must be provided for it. It’s about time Canadian weed made some noise for itself and created awareness.

So let’s get started with the basics. At Cannaify, we offer a number of different types of weed such as hybrid, Indica, and Sativa weed flowers; the broad range includes:

  • Blueberry Haze.
  • Death Bubba.
  • Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Orange Dream.
  • Pink Kush.
  • Rockstar AAAA.

It may confuse some but for others, it will be spot on. These are some of the most popular varieties of cannabis that are in high demand and available at Cannaify in an affordable price range. No, there are no demerits or disadvantages of smoking some quality cannabis to take the edge off. In fact, most users claim to have negative views about cannabis prior to trying it with a friend or experimenting just out of pure curiosity. It turns out it did them a whole lot of good in comparison to all the fallacies and rumors spread around by people hard bent on proving cannabis won’t do you any good. One of the oldest myths surrounding marijuana is that it was used by black men to seduce white women to have sex with them. No matter how high you are, you still won’t be able to utter such a load of bologna. One thing is for sure, no matter how high you are, smoking some quality cannabis will never let you spread hatred. The joy of sharing a joint with a few friends, black or white, male or female, no matter how they identify themselves; a joint of Canadian cannabis from Cannaify will never let you be bored or have prejudice towards others.

There are a variety of misconceptions surrounding the use of simple and plain cannabis including:

  • Cannabis being fatal.
  • Cannabis causing brain damage.
  • Cannabis causing bipolar disorders and psychosis.
  • They can cause your children to have autism.
  • They make you slow and dumb.

And there are many more where that came from. That is why it is the need of the time to emphasize the benefits of cannabis and how a balanced dose even on a regular basis can do you some good. Just FYI, cannabis can’t kill you because of an overdose like other drugs. A person needs to consume as much as 1000 pounds per minute continuously for 15 minutes for an overdose on cannabis that may be fatal to them. In Kgs, that makes about 6,800 in just 15 minutes; something truly impossible to accomplish.


After decades of prohibition and considered as an illegal drug, marijuana aka cannabis is now considered as beneficial and has been permitted for recreational/medical use in many countries (including Canada). If you are of the legal age, you can use it. The benefits include:

  • The CBD (cannabidiol) in the cannabis plant is known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system which can provide a number of benefits to the body.
  • The CBD in cannabis allows the brain to function more efficiently without giving it a high similar to alcohol. It takes the stress off of the brain and allows it to function better.
  • Cannabinoids in cannabis are known to possess properties that make them beneficial to provide relief in terms of chronic pain. The chemical composition of cannabis has chemical properties that make it suitable for people with arthritis, sciatica, or other joints or nervous disorders. In fact, it has been used in China and Subcontinental India for a long time as a herbal medicine for the said purpose.
  • This one will be a shocker for many. We know how smoking cigarettes is injurious for health and destroys lung capacity. On the contrary, when cannabis is smoked as cannabis, it not only doesn’t destroy the lungs but also contributes towards increasing lung capacity.
  • This one will intrigue the interest of many; as cannabis is linked with regulating insulin in the body and managing the caloric intake efficiently, it helps in losing weight. Have a look at any avid cannabis user and you will find them either sleek or in good physical health, but never overweight.
  • Cannabis brings good news for people with high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. As discussed in the last point, cannabis help in regulating insulin which means it helps in preventing diabetes and regulating blood sugar levels in case you have diabetes. Moreover, it helps in controlling high blood pressure by improving blood circulation throughout the body.
  • One of the benefits of cannabis that has sparked the interest of experts is its anti-cancer properties. Among the many benefits of cancer, one is its ability to fight against cancer or at least prevent certain types of cancers. Cannabinoids have a lot of research backing it up as a strong candidate to help fight against cancer.
  • Depression and anxiety are fairly common these days which is why experts are suggesting that people under extreme depression or anxiety smoke a joint or two or opt for edibles (try our sweeties edibles) to help them fight against these disorders.
  • People who suffer from seizures whether because of epilepsy or some other neurological disorder can greatly benefit from cannabis. Although the study is still ongoing, so far, the results have been positive.
  • Recent studies have shown that people with Parkinson’s disease can greatly benefit from cannabis. It helps them in controlling their tremors, relieves pain, and helps them sleep better. In the long term, it has been shown to improve the motor skill of many patients.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Cannabis has acquired a bad reputation due to fallacies associated with it, but in reality, it has benefits unfathomable. Pure Canadian cannabis in a lot of variety is available at Cannaify for you to get at an affordable rate. So what are you waiting for; go get yours today!!!

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