No longer campaign to search Online Cannabis in Halifax. Today, select the truest and most natural cannabis at CANNAIFY. We are a dedicated online medical dispensary in Surrey. We have a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products. Our cannabis products are big since for example Cannabis Flowers, Edibles, Marijuana Concentrates, CBD Products, Vapes, Mushrooms, Strains and many more.

Cannabis Mail Order Service in Surrey

Our Cannabis concentrate or marijuana extract is an intensely active THC and/or (CBD) focused material. These enable cannabinoids to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways; they exist in a variety of materials and may be absorbed using multiple techniques. 

Marijuana Dispensaries in Surrey

CANNAIFY stands among the best Surrey Marijuana Dispensaries, started with the desire to make cannabis available for those who need it for medical and recreational purposes. We were seeking to express passion, peace, serenity, well-being and other qualities associated with the use of cannabis.

Our Cannabis mail order service in Surrey bet that you would be more than happy with the quality services of cannabis we offer. If you have any questions on where and how to get hash online or need any more details concerning your order, cost, or shipping detail, please email us and we’ll be delighted to assist you! 

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How To Buy Cannabis from Cannaify 


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Browse through our selection of top quality cannabis flower, concentrates, vapes , edibles and accessories.


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Registration is fast and easy. Once you have registered you can manage and track you orders. Sign up today and receive 100 free cash back points.


 Step 3: Payment 

Pay for your order securely through Interact Money Transfer. After payment is complete your order will be on its way. You can track your order through your account on our website.


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Customer Reviews

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My go to place! Good quality, great service and reliable shipping!
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Needed help on deciding what flower to purchase. Their customer service team was very patient and knowledgeable in helping me find exactly what I needed. Will be ordering again 🙂
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Quick and Easy. Order came on time. Cheers!
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I was unsure in the begging about the whole e-transfer process but after placing my order it was actually really simple. Been a repeat customer since then!
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No issues just quality products. Love the points system too

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Why Choose Cannaify?

We seek to provide the best cannabis mail order service in Canada. With over 10 years experience in the cannabis industry we have developed an expertise in seeking premium flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates. You can be assured you are receiving some of the highest quality cannabis products available.


Who are we? 

As a local based Vancouver company our goal is to only provide our customers with top quality products. As connoisseurs we have spent many years in the industry finding the best flowers and concentrates. Our goal is to provide every Canadian with the cannabis they desire in a efficient and safe manner. We strive on superior customer support, quality products and good prices

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